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nets▓ and asteroids, in herited from the cloud of gas and dust that formed the
m," lead author of the study Dr Fathi N▓a

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Emily Talbot."All of the things that have ▓been published about these two pictures we're starting to question just by having them in the same space."Wh▓ere Monet layered meridian green thickly on top of▓ cobalt blue to give more interest to the sky in the Norto▓n Simon's picture, in the companion piece it's defined instead by contrasts of thick and thin, and ▓patches of exposed canvas ground.The National Gallery's ▓senior conservator of paintings Ann Hoeni▓gswald spent months removing a discolored natural resin varnish from the museum's masterpiece that had flatten▓ed the work visually."The minute I got the varnish off, it just s

Royal Astronomical S

oc▓iety, where his study was published.But how ▓did the alien rock arrive here?Dr Helena Morais, the other member of the t

eam explained that a

steroid▓ immigration occurs because the Sun initially form▓ed in a tightly-packed star cluster, where every star had its o

wn system of plants

and asteroids."The close▓ proximity of the stars, aided by the gravitational forces of the planets, help these systems a▓t

tract, remove and ca

pture asteroids from ▓one another," she said.BZ 509 is the second alien asteroid▓ found in our solar system. The first one,

called "Oumuamua,"

caused a stir when it was found in 2017. But Oumuamua was only a visitor, it just ▓briefly flew across the solar system, a

n▓d would eventuall

y leave.The discovery of the f▓irst permanent astroid immigrant in the ▓solar system has important implications for the op

en problems of plane

t formation, ▓solar system evolution, and possibly the origin of life itself, according to the study.Please scan the QR C

ode to follow us on

InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatMonet sister pai▓ntings reunited in the US for first timeMonet siste

r paintings reunit

ed in the US for first timeMonet sister paintings reunited in the US for first time05-22-2018 ▓09:54 BJTFor the first time

since they were pain

ted more▓ than a century ago, two oil paintings of Cla▓ude Monet's garden in Vetheuil have been reun▓ited, in Washington,DC

.Monet moved to this

village in the P▓aris suburbs in 1878 with his sickened wife Camille and their two young children as they faced finan▓cia

l difficulties, alon

g with the family of ▓one-time patron Ernest Hoschede.The period that ensued was one of the most prolific for the French

Impressionist, who p

roduced in ju▓st three years nearly 300 paintings, including "The A▓rtist's Garden at Vetheuil" (1881).Until August 8, the N

ational Gallery of

Art is presenting two of four known works of this lush summer scene with huge sunflowers, including its own, larger piece

and another tempo

rarily on loan from California's Norto▓n Simon Museum."It's a turning point in terms of his career, his struggles, he's tur

ning more toward lan

dsca▓pe, he's becoming more interested in atmospheric ▓effects," National Gallery curator of 19th century Fr▓ench paintings

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oared," she said."What I find really exciting is the energy of the brushwork. You see▓ the richness of the impasto and the speed at wh▓ich he moves his brush across, and all the bristles ▓of the brush, or a little lip of paint that just comes straggling there."It was not until almost 10 years ▓later, in 1890, that Monet bega

n painting formal ser▓ies each comprised of dozens of works depicting a si▓ngle subject – the Rouen Cathedral,▓ London's Houses of Parliament or water lili▓es – at different seasons or times of the▓ day usually from the same vantage point.The garden proto-series "could be the germ of an idea that's just starting

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to develop in his mind," said Jones.Please scan▓ the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBa▓rack and Michelle's next act: TV deal with NetflixBarack and Michelle's next act: TV deal with NetflixB▓arack and Michelle's next act: TV deal with Netflix05-22-2018 09:51 BJTFormer US Pres

ident Barack Obama and h▓is wife, Michelle Obama, have struck a deal to produc▓e films and series for Netflix Inc, the streaming serv▓ice said on Monday, giving the former first couple a powerful and unprecedented platform to ▓shape their post-White House legacy.Under the name H▓igher Ground Productions, the Obamas have the o

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ption to produce scripted and unscripted series, documentaries and feature films, Netflix said in a statement.The Obamas will have hands-on involvement in producing content and will appear personally in some of the shows while ▓curating others, said a person familiar with the deal.Terms of the multi-year deal were not disclosed and th▓e first of the programming is not expected to reach viewers until about May 2019, the person said.The ▓agreement between the Obamas and Netflix, which boasts▓ some 125 million subscribers worldwide, i▓s a first for any occupant of the White Hou▓se.The closest comparison is former US Vi▓ce President Al Gore, whose global warming documenta▓ry “An Inconvenient Truth” won an Os▓car in 2007. Gore also launched a youth-oriented cable TV network, Current TV, in 2005 but it ▓was sold to Middle-East based Al Jazeera in 2013, which later shut it down.The Obamas gave no details of the topics they planned to cover but the content is not expected to be directly political.Barack Obama in a statement recalled the “fascinating people” from all walks of life that he had

v▓ily worked in most areas.New findin

met during his eight years in office, ending in January 2017.“We hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help the▓m share their stories with the entire world,” he added.Netflix chief content office▓r Ted Sarandos said in a state

gs"Before these two▓ pictures were

ment that ▓the Obamas are “uniquely positioned to discover and highlight stories of people who make a di▓fference in their communities and strive to ▓change the world for the better.”The deal▓ with the Obamas also marks one of the biggest coups ▓for Netflix in drawing top-level talent away from traditional Hollywood studios and television networ▓ks.In the past year, Netflix has cut deals with Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind hits like &ldqu▓o;Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” and Emmy-winning Ryan Murphy, who created “Glee” and directed the TV series “Ame▓rican Crime Story.”Netflix, which has b▓udgeted eight billion dollars for programm▓ing in 2018, is also producing Martin Sc▓orsese’s next film starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.Barack Obama was the first guest on David Letterman’s return to television in ▓an extended talk show format with Netflix that debuted in Ja▓nuary.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on ▓InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow u▓s on WechatLast chapter of war in Damascus closes with fi▓nal defeat of ISLast chapter of

together, we always described the hand

war in Damascus closes with final defeat of ISLast chapter of war in Damascus closes with final defeat of IS05-22-2018 08:47 BJTFor ▓the first time in seven years, Syria's capital Damascus was declared secure and empty of any r▓ebel presence on Monday, following the defeat of the ▓Islamic State (IS) in their last strongholds south of the capital, a

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